Sort Of Off The Grid

After back to back century rides I collapsed in my Marathon, Florida hotel room and flipped on the TV while feeling pretty good about myself. I had 54 miles to go the next day to reach the southernmost point in the United States and complete the 72 Hours to Key West bike ride. I didn’t […]

On The Road Again

Things seem to be under control around here on the cancer front as my bride, Teresa, is powering through the new course of meds like the rock star that she is. (She thinks of herself as dainty, I think of her as a warrior goddess with the strength of a charging cape buffalo, in a […]

Darkness At The Edge

Did you ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Of course you have, the existential dilemma is something we all face. Why am I here? Is it to be a huge business success? A well known writer? A star athlete? None of my supposed reasons for existence have quite worked out for me like […]

Riding a Straight Line

Once when my son was questioning why I was driving to the park via a different route, my late Father In Law (who got me) told him, “Your Daddy hates a straight line.” Boy do I. Today I rode the General James A. Van Fleet State Trail this abandoned railroad bed that goes from the […]

Hard Work and Getting Paid

When I was lucky enough to be a baseball player (not professional, but I managed to play hardball in one league or another until I was 45) I used to swing a bat with a weighted “donut” on it when I was getting ready to hit. I don’t know if the donut made me any […]

Hill Billy

It’s hard to appreciate how flat the state of Florida is until you take your bike off the sand bar that is the Sunshine State. No lie, I’ve been on rides in Florida where the only hills you encounter are highway overpasses and roadkill. I’m writing you this evening from Millersville, Tennessee, north of Nashville, […]

The Beach People

I have this long held yet to be disproved theory that if you build a baseball stadium in any town in America ladies of a certain age with score books and pencils will simply show up, buy season tickets, and sit behind home plate for every game. It’s some kind of law of nature; older […]