It was June 6, 2014. I was tired, out of shape, bored, and looking for some existential answers. Like the song said, “There’s got to be something more, something more than this.” I sat alone in my financial planning office and asked for spiritual guidance, and got my answer: “go buy a bike.”

So… I did.

With no more research or planning than that I drove to a randomly selected local bike shop, talked to a salesperson and, to her’s and my surprise, ended up owning a slightly above entry-level road bike. It was light, it was friction free, and best of all: it was fast! Little did I know, at least at that very moment, my life was about to irrevocably change. In the coming months I lost over 30 pounds, rode in my first Century (100 mile ride) and I found my passion. Despite the falls, getting dropped from group rides, and feeling totally ridiculous in Spandex, I was a cyclist.

Here, a year and half later, I am a happier and healthier man who is even more obsessed than the first time I got on my uncomfortable saddle and: I have some stories to tell (like: I just got back from riding all the way around the Island of Puerto Rico with 550 new friends). I hope you enjoy them, laugh at the funny parts, and get motivated if that’s what you need in your life.

Cycling is as social or anti-social a sport as you want it to be. You can ride alone or ride with friends, and either way, the cycling community is always there for you, providing support for however you choose to go out and play. I’d like to share some of my experiences in that community with you, from getting yelled at by guys in pick up trucks to the joy of settling into the slip stream of a peloton. There is a lot to talk about in the cycling world and I want to share both my good and bad experiences with you. And, hey, it isn’t just about me, if you have an inspirational cycling story, drop a line, I’d love to help spread good stories!

What do you say, let’s go for a ride!

12642618_10153979696582975_3933764968567616832_nRick DiBiasio

Author, Financial Planner, and Cyclist

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