Strikes 1 and 2

I’m not having any luck at becoming an air conditioned indoor pain-cave dwelling road cyclist as planned. I have received and returned two smart trainers so far, both of which turned out to be not so smart. A trainer, if you didn’t know, is this little metal frame that you stick under your back tire that allows you to pedal away indoors. A “smart” trainer is one that talks to your computer. At least in theory.

My experience so far is that in reality they don’t.

My first one by Tacx wouldn’t communicate with my bike, no matter how hard I pedaled. The second, from Kinetic, would talk to my bike through its proprietary software but not to my computer on another company’s app, Zwift, even though it advertised itself as being designed to work with Zwift. ANd, when you read the fine print (actually the print on a different website, this particular trainer wouldn’t adjust to the hills on the Zwift program, which was kind of the whole point.)

Feeling like a kid who has had 2 Christmas mornings ruined,  I am headed to the beach with my trusty old single speed bike for a vacation next week. I’ll ride A1A and forget this whole indoor thing for a while.

I’ll tell you one thing that stinks, when you get shipped a bad product, you still have to pay the shipping back with AMazon. That’s just wrong.

grumpy seems to be the way to go right now…

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