Avoiding Flats

Of course you are going to get flats when you ride a road bike, its part of the sport; but I’ve found a few things to help minimize the occurrence of dreaded flat ties and I’d like to share them with you today.

In the first place, changing a flat is really no big deal. If you have a saddle bag stocked with a couple of spare tubes, some CO2 cartridges and some tire changing tools, you’ll find that you can field strip a tire and change a flat in less than ten minutes.


The exception to this rule, in my experience, is “tubeless” tires and wheels. The theory behind tubeless tires is that they are lighter and faster than tires with tubes with less chance of flats. My experience is that they are a sales gimmick; they aren’t faster, they are expensive, and, when they do go flat, they are almost impossible to change on the road because of the liquid sealant used to help keep the air in. I’ve been told that I had a bad experience, but I only know what I’ve endured on my tubeless journey and it wasn’t good.

81AMqgYDcgL._SY355_There are two things you can do right now to help minimize flats. One is the magic tape called “Mr. Tuffy. It’s a Teflon tape and all you do is put it between your tire and your tube. It couldn’t be easier, even I’ve installed it. The theory is that Mr. Tuffy will help to reinforce the tire when you are in danger of getting a puncture.



1446477897982-14a2j5zaln8wx-960-540The other thing you can do is buy tires that contain “Graphene” the next time you need new ones. Vittoria Tires has cornered the market on graphene, a new compound, made from graphite, that seems to be at the cutting edge of cycling technology. I installed these in January, and I have been very pleased with the ride. They cost a little more than tires without graphene, but, so what?

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