Grandpa Joins Le Tour de France

After buying and returning two non-functioning cycling trainers and still not to be deterred in my mission to become an indoor cyclist, I decided to buy a ProForm Tour De France indoor training cycle. I did so with some trepidation, the bike’s reviews on Amazon were pretty crappy and I’d already half decided that I […]

Strikes 1 and 2

I’m not having any luck at becoming an air conditioned indoor pain-cave dwelling road cyclist as planned. I have received and returned two smart trainers so far, both of which turned out to be not so smart. A trainer, if you didn’t know, is this little metal frame that you stick under your back tire […]

A Lifestyle Change: Training Indoors

Being being a business owner, a caregiver, and a puppy dad, I’m lucky to have a free hour to myself to do much of anything during the day and that hour always seems to come during an Orlando afternoon thunderstorm. Map My RIde dismally tells me that I’ve been lucky to get one bike ride […]

Grandpa Has Been Re-Cycled

Life as a novel: It’s defined by a table of contents and the reader’s job is to pay attention in case the story shifts. There’s no point in refusing to turn the page: stories move forward or they end. Like any good novel, your journey takes turns that would have never been predicted or chosen, […]

That Endurance Thing

I have no illusions about my athletic ability, I’m just an older guy who loves riding his bike, and it’s at least partially my wife’s battle with cancer that motivates me to pedal into exhaustion. I don’t swim, don’t run and I am only in halfway decent shape because I love to get on my […]


On the first night of my recent 72 Hours to Key West bike trip we arrived at the hotel in the Miccosukee Resort and Casino. The casino is like most casinos, a big box type of building that is brightly lit, full of cigarette and cigar smoke, and absent of any clocks. It is the […]

Respecting The Game

In 2014, Manny Machado, a then 22 year old 3rd baseman for the Baltimore Orioles decided that he didn’t like it when players on other teams “tagged him out.” This perfectly legal and routine part of baseball occurs in every game, but Machado, a very talented young man, decided that having a player on another […]